Release notes

Release plan

  • 0.11.x Update bootstrap to v5 and removes Python 3.7 support.

  • 0.10.x Uses Hatch as the new build system and has upgrades for Django 4.x and Python 3.11.

  • 0.9.x Definitely Removes Python 3.5 and 3.6 support

  • 0.7.x Removes Django 2.1 support, adds Django 3.1, 3.2

  • 0.6.x Targets Bootstrap v4, if you are interested in this work, please get in touch on Github!

  • 0.5.x Remove Django 1.11 support, adds Django 2.2 and 3.x support. Python 3.5+.

  • 0.4.x supports Django 1.11 and Django 2.1 and Python 3.4+.

  • 0.3.x series suppors Django 1.11. As with the upstream Django release, 0.3 was be the last series with Python 2.7 support.


Released on 2023-05-15


  • Removed sqlite database and use fixtures #1260 (Oscar Cortez)

  • Improved settings and middleware for demo #1267 (Oscar Cortez)

  • Updated languages and use the new Transifex client with Docker (Benjamin Balder Bach)

  • Updated django requirement from <4.2,>=2.1 to >=2.1,<4.3 #1275 (Oscar Cortez)

  • Upgraded for Sphinx 6 on Read the Docs #1270 (Benjamin Balder Bach)

  • Improved Read The Docs configuration #1283 (Oscar Cortez)



  • Bleach is deprecated #1259 (Oscar Cortez)

  • TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘frozenset’ and ‘list’ #1257 and #1251 (Oscar Cortez)

  • Editing the demo without a login #1263 (Oscar Cortez)

  • jQuery broken on docs pages #1281 (Benjamin Balder Bach)

  • Solve yml issues and improve issue templates #1261 (Oscar Cortez)

  • Fix Release Date for 0.10b1 #1282 (Thomas Rinklin)


Released on 2023-01-25

Welcome onboard to new co-maintainer Oscar Cortez 🎉️

Changed / added

  • “Edit Section” plugin fixed and patterns for finding headings rewritten #1247 #1246 (Chris Vigelius)

  • Python 3.11 compatiblity: Fix “global flags not at the start of the expression” #1243 (Benbb96)

  • Removed direct dependency on tinycss2, inherited from bleach - due to old versions of pip unable to resolve

  • Pass current revision to Editor.get_widget() and get_admin_widget() #1249 (Chris Vigelius)

  • Refactor package setup to use pyproject.toml and Hatch #1227 (Oscar Cortez)


  • Use SHOW_MAX_CHILDREN in ArticleMixin #1240 (Oscar Cortez)

  • Fixed wrong CSS class for collapse elements in Bootstrap 4 #1208 (Oscar Cortez)

  • Fixed wrong version of Popper.js and update Bootstrap to v4.6.2 #1124 (Oscar Cortez)

  • Added upper bound on dependency bleach>=0.5,<6 #1253 (Benjamin Balder Bach)

Translation updates

  • New: Portuguese pt_PT: 100% translated, 100% reviewed. This comes in addition to pt_BR which was already finalized.


Released on 2022-06-27


  • Upgrade to bleach>=5, adds tinycss2 dependency, drops Python 3.5 and 3.6 support #1183 (Benjamin Balder Bach)


  • Double-escaping in codehilite Markdown extension #945 (Benbb96 and jenda1)


Released on 2022-05-07


  • Python-Markdown updated to 3.3 #1180 (Benjamin Balder Bach)


  • Support for revision history w/ IP Address from HTTP_X_REAL_IP #1184 (David van Rijn)


Released on 2022-04-25


  • Bootstrap pagination is updated to render as intended #1187 (Alexander Johan Arntzen)

  • Toolchain updates: pre-commit, black, pytest, flake8, django-functests, bleach #1187 (Benjamin Balder Bach)


Released on 2022-02-14


  • Support for Django 4.0 and Python 3.10 #1165 (Mads Jensen)


  • Bump dependency versions of sorl-thumbnail, django-nyt, django-mptt and django-functest #1165 (Benjamin Balder Bach)


  • Attachment search failing if files exceptionally missing on server #1162 (Benjamin Balder Bach)


Released on 2021-12-29


  • Missing validation for username uniqueness in in signup view #1152 (Benjamin Balder Bach)

  • Uploading and unpacking .zip files as attachments was broken #1159 (kylecapricious2)


Released on 2021-11-15.

Security fixes

  • XSS vulnerability: Unescaped HTML in title propagated to notification (WhiteSource Vulnerability Research Team)


Released on 2021-10-25.


  • Notification menu bug after Bootstrap upgrades #1142 (Fred Dyc)


Released on 2021-08-28.


  • Bundled JQuery upgraded from 3.4.1 to 3.6.0 #1138 (Benjamin Balder Bach)


  • Small notification plugin registration bug introduced in 0.7.6 #1132 (SlyPerdix)


Released on 2021-08-01.


  • Notification menu bug after Bootstrap upgrades #1097 (SlyPerdix)

  • Compatibility with future python-markdown, use register instead of add #1099 (Iqbal Abdullah)


Released on 2021-04-10.


  • Django 3.2 support #1121 (Benjamin Bach)


Released on 2021-04-10.


  • Settings page on article broken for non-superusers #1058 (Benjamin Balder Bach)

  • Dependency bleach is bumped to >=3.3.0,<3.4 after security advisory #1109 (Benjamin Balder Bach)

  • Font-awesome icon on external links was not showing #1111 (Benjamin Balder Bach)

  • Red links were not correctly displaying in some cases #1114 (Gereon Kaiping)

Translation updates

  • Chinese: 100% translated, 100% reviewed

  • Czech: 100% translated

  • Dutch: 100% translated, 100% reviewed

  • French: Some syntax fixes, remains 100% translated

  • Hungarian: 100% translated

  • Korean: 100% translated, 96% reviewed

  • Russian: 100% translated

  • Turkish: 100% translated


Released on 2021-01-11.


  • Plugin editsection failing with unexpected contents #1094 (Teury Diaz, Benjamin Balder Bach, OTR)


Released on 2021-01-08.


  • Use .iter() instead of long deprecated and removed method .getiterator #1083 (Teury Diaz, Benjamin Balder Bach)


Released on 2020-12-28.


  • Fixed cache key exceptions for SafeString` objects ``no attribute append #1072 (Gert-Jan Braas)


Released on 2020-10-28.


  • Django 3.1 support #1061 and #1082 (Mads Jensen, Benjamin Bach)


  • Do not fail prematurely during Django checks framework (rare issue) #1059 (Benjamin Bach)

  • Cache keys failing in memcached if username contains space characters (rare) #1065 (Benjamin Bach)


  • Django 2.1 support removed #1061 (Mads Jensen)


  • Japanese (ja): 100% translated

  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR): 100% translated


Released on 2020-06-03.


These release contains Bootstrap v4. If you have overridden django-wiki’s templates but rely on the distributed Bootstrap CSS, then a lot of CSS class names have changed. Please refer to the Bootstrap Documentation.


  • Bootstrap 4 replaces Bootstrap 3: Improved default theming. #1035 (slinkymanbyday, Benjamin Bach)

  • Django 3.0 support #1019 (Benjamin Bach, slinkymanbyday)

  • New plugin wiki.plugins.editsection displays an [edit] link next to section headers (Frank Loemker) #652


  • Python 3.7 issue with notifications plugin main view /_plugin/notifications/ #1000 (Mads Jensen)

  • Broken Delete and Deleted pages #976 (Benjamin Bach)

  • Can’t delete article with USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR = True #1014 (tim3towers)

  • Deleting images fails :url-issue:’936’ (Gert-Jan Braas, Steckelfisch)


  • Use SASS instead of LESS for Stylesheets. The compiler in Makefile is lessc. #1035 (Benjamin Bach)

  • Removed src/wiki/static/wiki/css/wiki-bootstrap.css - Only distribute a minified CSS version. #1035 (Benjamin Bach)

  • Test coverage upped from 75 to 80+% #976 (Mads Jensen, Benjamin Bach)

  • PDF attachment Content-Disposition header changed to inline for browser previewing #1010 (nicolazilio)

  • PyTest upgraded to latest 5.3

  • django-mptt updated from 0.9 to 0.11.0 #1019 (Benjamin Bach, slinkymanbyday)

  • sorl-thumbnail bumped to 12.6.2 #1019 (Benjamin Bach, slinkymanbyday)

  • Upgrade bleach from 2.1 to 3.1 #1020 (slinkymanbyday)

  • Python-Markdown 3.2 compatibility (Benjamin Bach)


  • Python 3.4 support more or less definitively removed (no longer supported by test suite PyTest)

  • Removed unmaintained plugin wiki.plugins.haystack


  • Dutch translation 100% completed #1037 (Gert-Jan Braas)

  • Polish 100% completed


Compatibility note, 2020-02-18: Django 3.0 support was scheduled but never completed, as dependencies lacked the support. It was completed in 0.6.


  • Update to Markdown >= 3.1 #920 (Don Bowman, Benjamin Bach)

  • Several code-cleanups, test improvements and test


  • Django 2.2


  • Django 1.11 support


We need help to complete translations. It’s done easily by creating a profile and joining the django-wiki project on Transifex. You are also encouraged to create new languages if you would like to translate to a language that doesn’t yet exist.



  • Django admin error when uploading images: Column ‘revision_number’ cannot be null #950 (Benjamin Bach)


  • Added: Romanian ro



  • Projects fail to load with custom User models without a username field #865 (trevorpeacock)

  • Use User.get_username() for article cache instead of User.__str__ #931 (Ole Anders Stokker)


Discarded release due to git errors (the actual fixes were not merged in).

  • Automated language updates from Transifex



  • Using customized MESSAGE_TAGS setting caused KEY_ERROR #922 (Benjamin Bach)



  • jQuery upgrade from 1.12.4 to 3.3.1. jQuery UI also upgraded (for dynamic resizing of modals) #882 (Benjamin Bach)



  • Django 2.0 and 2.1 support #755 (Raffaele Salmaso & Mads Jensen)

  • Python 3.7 support

  • Added wiki.sites.WikiSite for easy customization #827

  • Automatic link highlighting of URLs handles lots of new patterns #816 (Branko Majic)

  • Red links: Internal links turn red and link to Create Page (Mathias Rav) #889


  • Merged pt and pt_PT, then deleted pt and linked it to pt_PT #858

  • Linked zh_Hans to zh_CN #711

Complete / almost complete:

  • Chinese (China) zh_CN 100.00%

  • Danish da 100.00%

  • Dutch nl 94.32%

  • French fr 97.95%

  • German de 95.00%

  • Korean (Korea) ko_KR 95.00%

  • Polish (Poland) pl_PL 98.18%

  • Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR 95.00%

  • Russian ru 99.55%

  • Slovak sk 94.77%

  • Spanish es 94.77%

Well under way, need support:

  • Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW 34.55%

  • Czech cs 35.45%

  • Finnish fi 81.14%

  • Italian it 47.05%

  • Japanese ja 79.77%

  • Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) nb_NO 34.77%

  • Portuguese (Portugal) pt_PT 79.32%

  • Turkish (Turkey) tr_TR 30.68%


  • Dependency for escaping HTML and safeguarding against injections bleach upgraded >=2.1,<2.2 (last-partizan) #702

  • Use full path names for MARKDOWN_KWARGS['extensions'] as short names support wil be removed in Markdown 2.7 #823

  • Support for include('wiki.urls') for urls instantiation #827

  • Use Django’s ‘’ pattern to test configuration (Raffaele Salmaso & Mads Jensen) #830 #807

  • Test coverage added: Images plugin + Account handling (Mads Jensen) #804

  • Last couple of non-CBVs (Class Based Views) refactored to CBV (Raffaele Salmaso & Mads Jensen) #788 #819 #808

  • Big cleanup: Deprecating lots of Python 2.7 specific code (Mads Jensen & Raffaele Salmaso) See: >30 PRs

  • Search term highligting tweaked, first match is now highlighted instead of last (Mathias Rav) #901

  • Markdown parsing for [image], [article_list] and macros rewritten and improved to allow escaping (Mathias Rav) #896


  • Use user.is_authenticated/is_anonymous as a boolean #790 (Raffaele Salmaso)

  • Use simple_tag for assignment tag #791 (Raffaele Salmaso)

  • Direct invocation of pytest fixed (removing #781 (Branko Majic)

  • Line breaks in help texts for macros #851 (Mathias Dannesbo)

  • Table of contents now has a header by default, and several built-in django-wiki extensions can be configured using WIKI_MARKDOWN_KWARGS #881 (Mathias Rav)

  • S3 Storage engine image deletion bug #907 (Andrea Maschio & Benjamin Bach)

  • Back link on “permission denied” page should point to parent article on read errors #915 (Benjamin Bach & Christian Duvholt)


  • Django < 1.11 support is dropped #779

  • Python < 3.3 support is dropped #779 and #792

  • Deprecate wiki.urls.get_pattern and URL_CONFIG_CLASS setting #799

  • Removed SEARCH_VIEW setting, replaced by WikiSite override #837


  • Fix error messages of missing migrations due to inconsistent change of on_delete on some model fields #776


Translation updates from Transifex

  • Languages that need support:

    • Dutch 88%

    • Finnish 85%

    • Japanese 80%

    • Chinese (Taiwan) 36%

    • Norwegian 36%

    • Turkish 30%

    • Czech 13%

    • Italian 8%

  • >90% completed: Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Danish, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Slovak, Spanish


  • Search choice between either current or global tree (Christian Duvholt) #580 #731

  • New bootstrapped image insert dialog (Frank Loemker) #628

  • Allow the HTML tag <hr> (Frank Loemker) #629

  • Global History overview of page revisions (Frank Loemker and Maximilien Cuony) #627

  • Move article support with redirects (Frank Loemker) #640

  • Django 1.11 compatibility (Luke Plant) #634

  • Crop paginator window when there are >9 pages in a list (Frank Loemker) #646

  • Extended syntax for attachment macro: [attachment:id title:"text" size] (Frank Loemker) #678

  • Add Sphinx documentation for plugin settings (Frank Loemker) #681

  • Show “log out” in menu when account handling is disabled (jenda1) #691

  • Markdown tag with wiki paths now support fragments like [Click Here](wiki:/path#header) (Frank Loemker) #701


  • Test refactor: Use django-functest and separate WebTest from Selenium (Luke Plant) #634

  • Repo refactor: Moved wiki package to src/ folder and test code to tests/ #631

  • Render django.contrib.messages with template tag and inclusion template: Configurable and bootstrap 3 compatible (Benjamin Bach and Frank Loemker) #654

  • Don’t hardcode redirect url in account update view (Benjamin Bach) #650

  • Python 3.6 support added to test matrix (Benjamin Bach) #664

  • Keep CSS global namespace clean, refactor CSS rule label -> .wiki-label label (Christian Duvholt) #679

  • Plugins can whitelist HTML tags and attributes (jenda1) #700

  • Optimizations to fundamental permission lookup managers (Christian Duvholt) #714

  • Code quality upgrade, remove obsolete code, linting and tidying up (Mads Jensen) #797, #705, #707, #716, #717, #718, #719, #720, #721, #722, #724, #725, #726, #727, #728, #730, #732, #733, #735, #736, #737, #738, #741, #743, #743, #756, #757

  • Added AppConfig class for all plugins (Raffaele Salmaso) #758

  • Explicit on_delete for all ForeignKey fields (Raffaele Salmaso) #759

  • Django 2.0 preparation: atomic=False for 3 migrations that rename tables/fields (Raffaele Salmaso) #760

  • Set dependency django-nyt<1.1 to avoid future breakage (Benjamin Bach) #761


  • Removed exception catch all in URLPath.delete_subtree which silenced errors while delete articles with descendents

  • Fix article settings page in Django 1.11 (Frank Loemker) #682

  • Fix upstream MPTT breaking deletion of articles from django-admin (Frank Loemker) #683

  • Wrong HTML attribute ‘type’ on search result page (Geoff Clapp) #698

  • Fix restoring of attachments and other RevisionPlugin types after deletion (Frank Loemker) #672

  • Allowing <sup> because of footnotes (Frank Loemker) #750

  • Hunted down unclosed HTML tags #750 (Mads Jensen) #741


  • Set dependency django-nyt<1.1 to avoid future breakage (Benjamin Bach) #761


  • Hot-fix because of missing woff2 files #625


  • Pulled Transifex translations and pushed source translations.

  • Fix support for Py2 unicode in code blocks (Benjamin Bach) #607

  • Support for Github style fenced codeblocks (Benjamin Bach) #618

  • Cached articles showing up in wrong language (Benjamin Bach) #592

  • Upgraded Bootstrap from 3.3.1 to 3.3.7 (Benjamin Bach) #620

  • Upgraded bundled jQuery to 1.12.4 (Benjamin Bach) #620

  • Setting WIKI_MARKDOWN_HTML_STYLES for allowing style='..' in user code (Benjamin Bach) #603

  • Strip Markdown code in search result snippets (Benjamin Bach) #42


  • Remove wiki.decorators.json_view, fixes server errors when resolving 404 links #604

  • Replace usage of render_to_response() with render() #606

  • Fix memory leak #609 and #611 (obtroston)

  • Scroll bars and display area fixed for code blocks #601 and #608 (Branko Majic)

  • Option WIKI_MARKDOWN_SANITIZE_HTML skips Bleach (warning: Don’t use for untrusted code) #610 (Michal Hozza)

  • Allow the HTML tag <br>. #613 (Frank Loemker)

  • Add thumbnail size directive (example: [image:123 size:large]). #612 (Frank Loemker and @inflrscns)

  • Fix error with absolute paths in wiki links (example: [Sub-root](wiki:/sub-root)) #616 (Benoit C. Sirois)

  • Require Django<1.11 #616 (Benoit C. Sirois)


  • Lowercase slugs when creating new pages with [[Like This]] #595 (Eric Clack)

  • Fix issues related to Bleach before Markdown processing esp. pertaining > characters. #596

  • Remove wiki.plugins.mediawikiimport #597

  • Pretty up the highligted code’s line enumeration #598

  • Customize codehilite in order to wrap highlighted code with scrollbars #598


  • Translation updates from Transifex

    • Danish translation from 39% to 100% (Bo Holm-Rasmussen)

    • Updated languages since 0.1: Chinese, French, German, German, Russian, Spanish

  • Added Django 1.10 support #563

  • Security: Do not depend on markdown safe_mode, instead use bleach.

  • Fix duplicate search results when logged in #582 (duvholt)

  • Do not allow slugs only consisting of numbers #558

  • Copy in urlify.js and fix auto-population of slug field in Django 1.9+ #554

  • Fix memory leak in markdown extensions setting #564

  • Updated translations - Languages > 90% completed: Chinese (China), Portuguese (Brazil), Korean (Korea), French, Slovak, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Finnish.

  • Taiwanese Chinese added (39% completed)

  • Cleanup documentation structure #575

HTML contents

Bleach is now used to sanitize HTML before invoking Markdown.

HTML escaping is done before Markdown parsing happens. In future Markdown versions, HTML escaping is no longer done, and safe_mode is removed. We have already removed safe_mode from the default WIKI_MARKDOWN_KWARGS setting, however if you have configured this yourself, you are advised to remove safe_mode.

Allowed tags are from Bleach’s default settings: a, abbr, acronym, b, blockquote, code, em, i, li, ol, strong, ul.

Please use new setting WIKI_MARKDOWN_HTML_WHITELIST and set a list of allowed tags to customize behavior.

Python and Django support

Support has been removed for:

  • Python 2.6

  • Django < 1.8

  • South


  • Remove unwanted items from default menu when WIKI_ACCOUNT_HANDLING = False. #545

  • Fix broken soft-deletion and restoring of images, and “set revision” functionality #533

  • Added responsiveness to tables by use of Bootstrap table-responsive class #552


  • Several languages updated from Transifex

    • Slovak added Thanks M Hozza

    • Portuguese also added, but as copy of PT-BR (make changes as desired in Transifex)

  • Brand new Account Settings page (email / password) Thanks inflrscns

  • Testproject turned into Django 1.9 layout

  • Replace context-processor dependent use of {{ STATIC_URL }} with {% static %}

  • Bugfix for pip install wiki in an empty (no Django installed) virtualenv

  • Precommit hooks added in repository

  • Import statements sorted and codebase re-pep8’thed

  • Log in page is now called “Log in” in <title> tag - Thanks Eugene Obukhov



If you are upgrading from a previous release, please ensure that you pass through the 0.0.24 release because it contains the final migrations necessary before entering the django-wiki 0.1+ migration tree.

If you are using django 1.7+ and have an old installation of django-wiki (which should be impossible since it wouldn’t run) please downgrade to 1.6 as follows:

$ pip install wiki\<0.1 --upgrade  # Latest 0.0.24 release
$ pip install django\<1.7  # Downgrade django if necessary
$ python migrate  # Run 0.0.24 migrations
$ pip install wiki\<0.2 --upgrade  # Upgrade to latest 0.1 series
$ python migrate --delete-ghost-migrations  # Run migrations again,
                                                      # removing the (ghost)
                                                      # migrations from previous
                                                      # release
$ # Feel free to upgrade Django again


  • Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 (3.2 is not supported)

  • Django 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

  • Django < 1.7 still needs South, and migration trees are kept until next major release.

Breaking changes

wiki.VERSION as tuple

We want to follow Django’s way of enumerating versions. If you want the old string version, use wiki.__version__.

Plugin API

Since Django 1.8 has started making warnings about patterns being deprecated, we’ve decided to stop using them by default. Thus, as with the future Django 2.0, we will use lists of url objects to store the urlconf of plugins. All the bundled plugins have been updated to reflect the change.


We now depend on django-mptt 0.7.2+ for Django 1.8 compatibility.


This release is a transitional release for anyone still using an older version of django-wiki. The code base has been heavily refactored and this is hopefully the final release.


0.0.24 is mainly a transitional release, but new features and bug fixes are included, too.


  • Django 1.5, 1.6 (That means Django 1.7 is not yet fully supported)

  • South 1.0+ (if you are on an older South, you need to upgrade)

  • Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4


Firstly, upgrade django-wiki through familiar steps with pip

$ pip install wiki --upgrade

During the upgrade, notice that django-nyt is installed. This replaces the previously bundled django_notify and you need to make a few changes in your settings and urls.

In settings.INSTALLED_APPS, replace “django_notify” with “django_nyt”. Then open up your project’s urlconf and make sure you have something that looks like the following:

from wiki.urls import get_pattern as get_wiki_pattern
from django_nyt.urls import get_pattern as get_nyt_pattern
urlpatterns += patterns('',
    (r'^notifications/', get_nyt_pattern()),
    (r'', get_wiki_pattern())

Notice that we are importing from django_nyt.urls and no longer django_notify and that the function is renamed to get_nyt_pattern.

After making these changes, you should run migrations.

$ python migrate

Notifications fixed

In past history, django-wiki has shipped with a very weird migration. It caused for the notifications plugin’s table of article subscriptions to be removed. This is fixed in the new migrations and the table should be safely restored in case it was missing.

However, you may want to bootstrap subscription notifications in case you have run into this failed migration. You can ensure that all owners and editors of articles receive notifications using the following management command:

python wiki_notifications_create_defaults


If you have been running from the git master branch, you may experience problems and need to re-run the migrations entirely.

python migrate notifications zero --delete-ghost-migrations
python migrate notifications

If you get DatabaseError: no such table: notifications_articlesubscription, you have been running django-wiki version with differently named tables. Don’t worry, just fake the backwards migration:

python migrate notifications zero --fake

If you get relation "notifications_articlesubscription" already exists you may need to do a manual DROP TABLE notifications_articlesubscription; using your DB shell (after backing up this data).

After this, you can recreate your notifications with the former section’s instructions.

News archive

April 15, 2017

0.2.3 released: Release notes

0.2.2 released: Release notes

February 27, 2017

0.2.1 released: Release notes

December 27, 2016

0.2 final released: Release notes

June 19, 2016

0.1.2 released: Release notes

May 6, 2016

0.1.1 released: Release notes

January 25, 2016

0.1 final released

December 26th, 2015

A new release is out and has fixes for the Django loaddata management command such that you can create dumps and restore the dump. Notice, though, that loaddata only works for Django 1.7+.

Django 1.9 support is available in the current master, please help get a 0.1 released by giving feed back in the last remaining issues:

November 16th, 2015

Django 1.8 support is very ready and 0.1 is right on the doorstep now.

January 26th, 2015

After too long, the new release is out.

The wait was mainly due to all the confusing changes by adding support of Python 3 and readying the migrations for Django 1.7. But there’s actually new features, too.

  • Bootstrap 3.3.1 and Font Awesome 4 (Christian Duvholt)

  • django_nyt instead of builtin django_notify (Benjamin Bach, Maximilien Cuony)

  • tox for testing (Luke Plant)

  • Appropriate use of gettext_lazy (Jaakko Luttinen)

  • Fixed support of custom username fields (Jan De Bleser)

  • Several fixes to the attachment plugin (Christian Duvholt)

  • Errors on notifications settings tab (Benjamin Richter)

  • Chinese translations (Ronald Bai)

  • Finish translations (Jaakko Luttinen)

  • Compatibility with custom user model in article settings (Andy Fang)

  • Fixed bug when [attachment:XX] present multiple times on same line (Maximilien Cuony)

  • Simple mediawiki import management command (Maximilien Cuony)

  • Python 3 and Django 1.6 compatibility (Russell-Jones, Antonin Lenfant, Luke Plant, Lubimov Igor, Benjamin Bach)

  • (and more, forgiveness asked if anyone feels left out)