Q: Why can’t I move articles?

A: Moving articles is not trivial. Here are a couple of reasons:

  • Other articles may link to them.

  • Permissions may change if you move the articles into a different hierarchy

  • We keep revisions of stuff, so the action of moving an article will create a new revision.

  • …but what if the revision is reverted and we had automatically renamed stuff?

Because it isn’t trivial to move articles, the work has delayed somewhat.


Q: Why do I keep getting “This slug conflicts with an existing URL.”

A: When validating a slug, django-wiki will verify through Settings.``WIKI_CHECK_SLUG_URL_AVAILABLE`` (default: True) that the URL is not already occupied.

So if you keep getting an error that the “slug” isn’t available, it’s probably because you left another URL pattern interfearing with django-wiki’s by letting your pattern (regexp) be too open. Forgetting a closing $ is a common mistake.